A Dash of Dana - Official Nutritionist of Boulderthon

A Dash of Dana + Boulderthon

Dana is a Board Certified Sports Dietitian (CSSD) and has been working professionally with athletes for 3 years. Prior to her role as a sports dietitian, Dana worked as a dietitian in a clinical setting for 5 years. 

Her philosophy of nutrition goes far beyond the food you put into your body. Together, we want to understand how food affects you, how it makes you feel, and what it does for you. Nutrition is all about supporting the complex systems that make up your body and listening to what your body needs so you can take on all that you ask your body to achieve.

Dana uses her personal experience as a runner and triathlete as well as her experience in helping hundreds of athletes optimize their fueling strategy to reach peak performance!

Fueled is fast, friends!

Boulderthon runners receive:

  • Access to monthly virtual mastermind classes with Q & A via zoom (July through September 2024)
  • 10% off Athlete Biomarker testing and analysis
  • 20% off professional grade supplements as indicated by lab analysis
  • 10% off opportunity to work with Dana 1:1 


"My biggest success with Dana is my energy levels and the quality of my workouts have improved drastically. What makes Dana different from any other dietitian is her belief in adding to our diet, not necessarily taking away..." - Marathon Runner/Triathlete, Colorado

"I was inspired by Dana's simple, down-to-earth approach about nutrition and hitting those goals. As a result I probably haven't lost any weight but my body composition has completely changed. I have lost 4-5% body fat and replaced that with strong muscle that has helped me hit my training times and after not feeling utterly exhausted and wasted at the end of those sessions." - Marathon Runner, London, U.K.