Official Nutrition & Hydration of Boulderthon

UCAN is the Official Nutrition & Hydration Sponsor of the 2023 Boulderthon! UCAN Strawberry Banana Edge & Watermelon Hydrate will be available on the Half & Full Marathon Course!

Order your FREE Edge Sample Pack Here & Get 20% Off Everything with code BOULDERTHON23!

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Try the Official Energy Gel of Boulderthon

Have you heard the buzz about UCAN Edge?  The award-winning Edge energy gel is changing how runners fuel - delivering steady, long-lasting energy that's easy on the stomach. Edge features steady-release carbs instead of sugar, so you don't get the dreaded spike and crash. 

The best U.S. women's marathon runners like American Record Holder Emily Sisson and the entire Team USA Marathon squad of Sara Hall, Keira D'Amato, and Emma Bates, who recently finished top American at the 2023 Boston Marathon, running the 2nd fastest time by an American woman Boston history, all trust UCAN to keep them fueled in training and races without an upset stomach.

Get FREE samples of this game-changing energy for just the cost of shipping!

Since you're already paying the price of shipping, we recommend adding on some of their other products to try! The Boulderthon Team has been loving the Chocolate Almond Butter Energy Bars or the Cocoa Delight Energy Powder before a run, and the Vanilla Energy + Protein Powder after a run! We love that they have plant-based and whey options to meet everyone's nutritional needs! Use code BOULDERTHON23 for 20% off your entire order!

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