Mon 14 Aug 2023

Emma Bates's Running & Nutrition Tips


Did you miss our Fueling Event with UCAN featuring pro-marathoner Emma Bates and Sports Dietitian Bob Seebohar?

Check out Emma's Running & Fueling Tips below + order your FREE Edge Sample Pack here and use code BOULDER23 for 20% off the entire UCAN website!

Emma Bates’ Running Tips

  • You’re only as strong as your core. Emma makes core strengthening a priority all-year and focuses on exercises for her abdominals and back.
  • Strong hips = strong running form. Emma trains her hips post runs with band exercises. Having a hip band exercise routine helps her prevent injuries. When hips are weak, stress is placed on the knees causing other muscles to overcompensate which can result in muscle strains. 
  • Find a support system! Having a community of people who support you, your goals, and your training is so important to hold you accountable and motivating.

Emma Bates’ Race Day Nutrition Plan

Pre-Race Breakfast: 

  • 1 slice toast with peanut butter and jelly
  • Coffee

During the Race:  

  • Emma takes one UCAN Edge every 5K as she races; total of 7-8 gels during race (Pineapple and Strawberry Banana flavors are her favorite)

Emma’s Pro-tip: Balance is the goal. Sometimes before a race, Emma will have a glass of wine to make sure she’s relaxed. It’s equally as important to treat yourself when you’re training hard and eating nutritiously. She told us that “it’s a special routine before a race, a nice little treat!”

Emma’s Morning Race Rehearsal Routine

  • Wakes up 3 hours before race start time
  • Eats her pre race breakfast
  • Puts on her clothing that she laid out the night before
  • Light stretches and lunge matrix for activation 
  • In the car on the way to her run location, she visualizes how she wants her workout to go 
  • Pumps herself up by listening to music 
  • Starts the run (uses this time to be present during each mile) 
  • Takes the first half of the run to get a rhythm going and pushes the second half of the run to really simulate the race.

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